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Welcome Back

It’s been a year since my last post and a lot has changed since then. I covered for my friends in their other jobs, I picked up a few independent catering gigs, I started teaching, I worked in a handful of new kitchens, and I kept learning. It’s been crazy, and will only continue to be that way, but such is life in the restaurant industry. The down time has become more uncomfortable than preparing food for 40 people at once. The kitchen is home, and while other hobbies exist, they do so to a lesser extent. Every day, more and more, the focus is on the work. While it is work and gets tiring sometimes, the passion drives me. The passion to perfect what I already know, to try new things and to share them with the public is what continues to push me.

I worked multiple jobs over the past year, but I've settled into a great place, with excellent people. We’re continually doing exciting things, and getting amazing feedback. With the rest of life a bit calmer these days, I turn my attention back to this website, The Commis. I started it to share what I've learned and what I think with others who work in the industry, or even just those who may be curious. After all that’s happened in the past year, I have learned a lot and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ll return to posting regularly and I’ll even revisit some of my past posts to edit, improve and re-release them. I have some exciting ideas for The Commis, so come with me down this road. Let’s see where it leads.

What is a commis?

In the culinary world, a commis  is a cook that's still in training. Everyone should consider themselves a commis to some degree. There's always more to learn.

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