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The Commis provides valuable information ranging from news to technique for the new culinary professional, to help them along in their career.

The Commis is a blog for people who are passionate about food and cooking. 

The goal behind starting this blog was to create a place where I can share information with others that are starting out in the culinary field. That being said, anyone with an interest in food and cooking will be able to find interesting articles here.

Start with a couple of the most popular ones :

How Professional Kitchens Work

The Science of Vinaigrette 

I'll be writing articles about different techniques and recipes, job skills, and conducting interviews with professional chefs and restaurateurs.  I plan on making videos showcasing techniques and explaining the science behind some of the cooking. I'll be going in depth on various topics such as chocolate or bread and I'll present the key findings here in an easy to read and understand format.  

To read  about my personal experience, check out My story - How I got started in the Culinary World

What is a commis?

In the culinary world, a commis  is a cook that's still in training. Everyone should consider themselves a commis to some degree. There's always more to learn.

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